Vanity. Self- aggrandizing piece of shit. Who do you think you are? Look into a mirror and what do you see? Perfection I’m sure. You never did get tired of hearing how pretty you were. Please note I said were. Beauty is fleeting It’s a cliché for a reason And one day you’ll wake up […]

Talk that talk.

I have held in so many emotions for so long that I think they’re finally all erupting. I’m crying at the drop of a hat. I feel my face get hot and my eyes welling up and I can’t stop the eminent tears from falling. I love when people tell you to talk about things. […]

I don’t know.

I posted poems because they seemed to capture how I felt better than actual “blogging” what ever that is. I find it hard sometimes to get my words out in a coherent manner. Often times, I write how I speak. It’s fragmented. It’s jumbled and jangled and Vonnegut may say. My mind moves quickly and […]

Take me to hell

I thought I could ignore the demons of yesteryear; that they’d somehow disappear with age and time. I was wrong, they came back with a vengeance. They came back, fists up, ready to beat me into a bloody pulp. Gushing from old wounds, laying on the ground bleeding out because the demons: 1 me: none. […]

When I was a youth.

When I was a youth I viewed the world as a hell unseen. Unknown red flags hiding around every tree, building, and shadow. I knew at a young age that friends would leave as soon as a better prospect came along. I knew at a young age that loss was a part of life That […]

Shit, she’s back.

Hello, old friend. Welcome back. I say this more to myself than to you. Whoever you are. I lost myself again. Every time I’ve tried to get words from my head to this screen there’s been something holding me back. The words don’t pour out of me anymore. I’m trying. I think this might be […]

Hello Stranger

What can I say? I left. I lost interest in writing (again), lost interest in this blog (no one reads it), and it’s not as though anyone noticed that I left. Disappeared. Poof. Gone. Like when blow out a candle; one minute flickering warmth, the next a puff of smoke, then nothing. I was blown […]