Game on

I tend to live in a constant state of irritation and anger.

Sometimes it’s below the surface, dormant.

Quietly brewing like a pot of coffee

on the kitchen counter just as dawn breaks.

Other times… oh, other times, it’s as if all the rage

inside an entire race of people has been unleashed

inside of my small frame and I’m ready to

blurt out vehement vernacular.

Viciously spewing out sordid statements…

But I was right,

Wasn’t I?

You lie and you’re good at it but

underneath you’re just as base as me.

You’re worse.

At least I know what I am.

Do you know what you are?

Are you so disengaged with reality that you believe your


Do you go to bed at night pondering how

you have so many devoted fans?

How all the little pricks and bitches bow down and

kiss your ass?

Here’s the thing I want to share:

You are an awful asshole altogether aggravating and appalling.

You aren’t an angel who always comes out on top.

You will be found out and when you are I hope that the ground

swallows you whole.

My irritation and anger aren’t dormant now.

I’m not quiet now.

I’m unleashed and ready to rip you

apart, talons sharp, lips pursed, brow furrowed.

Good luck friend.

I play dirty.

I play to win.


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