Self- aggrandizing piece of shit.

Who do you think you are?

Look into a mirror and what do you see?

Perfection I’m sure.

You never did get tired of hearing how pretty you were.

Please note I said were.

Beauty is fleeting

It’s a cliché for a reason

And one day you’ll wake up

Rotting from the inside out

Oh, little maggot, how’s it feel now,

To be part of the lowly crowd?

Your beauty faded real fast

And arrogance doesn’t become you

But now you’ll get to hear what we all knew was true

You have nothing to offer other than fucks

And stares

You have nothing to gain

but you’ll accumulate fears

The same fears us trash have felt all along

-to be alone

-to be rejected

-to be discarded

And you were so wrong

To think you were better than us.

Such a hotshot.

Such a whore.

So perfectly vacant.

Nothing more.


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